Organic Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage applied through a very light pressure technique using special organic aromatherapy oils.

50 minutes (1 person) - 380 TL, 75 minutes (1 person) - 565 TL

Nua Signature Massage

An exceptional massage created exclusively for Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa. During the massage, the level of pressure and the focal points are identified in line with your needs.

50 minutes (1 person) - 395 TL, 90 minutes (1 person) - 705 TL,

Nua First Touch Massage

A tension-relieving, muscle-relaxing massage specifically designed for pregnant women. Nua First Touch Massage can be reserved at any time after the first 3 months of your pregnancy with the approval of your doctor.

50 minutes (1 person) - 370 TL

Lomi Lomi Nui

This is a spiritual Hawaiian massage smartly harmonizing extremely relaxing stretching and touching techniques. It relaxes the body, mind and the spirit, and purifies you from stress and tension.

50 minutes (1 person) - 435 TL, 75 minutes (1 person) - 645 TL

Hot Stone Therapy

This therapy is a combination of a full body massage and energy exercises. It dates back to the old Shamans. Warm volcanic stones are placed on the energy points (chakras) on the body and the whole body massage is applied. It accelerates the process of self-healing, provides intense relaxation and stabilizes energy levels.

75 minutes (1 person) - 490 TL, 90 minutes (1 person) - 580 TL

Traditional Balinese Massage

A whole body massage applied through the acupressure and reflexology techniques.

50 minutes (1 person) - 375 TL, 75 minutes (1 person) 555 TL

Deep Asian Massage

Using a deeper pressure than the Traditional Balinese Massage, this massage technique includes the use of the arms and elbows as well.

50 minutes (1 person) - 400 TL

Local Massage

This massage is applied on the area you request.

30 minutes (1 person) - 250 TL

Pro-Sleep Massage

With innovative massage techniques that deeply relax, it addresses three different senses. Smell, touch and hearing. Tranquillity™, a unique blend of essential oils, has been inspired by the sound of Ayurveda and the Malay Sea of Indonesia. The synergy of the combination of soft brushes helps sleep and supports. It helps to achieve a calm, peaceful, calm mind and body. Jetlag is against side effects.

75 minutes (1 person) - 560 TL

Aromatic Candle Massage

A beautiful gift to yourself, one that warms your skin and your soul while bring you into another world. Applied using fragrant, low-temperature-melting candles infused with intense moisturizing qualities.

50 minutes (1 person) - 425 TL

Horoscope Massage

Your horoscope can inform you of your financial, romantic and career possibilities, but what about body care? Using an astrological map, we created body care astrology for each sign. This massage is applied with mild or medium pressure, using aromatic oils specifically designated for your star sign.

50 minutes (1 person) - 430 TL

Swedish Massage

Applied though sports massage techniques, this massage includes muscle stimulating techniques and applied in medium pressure level.

50 minutes (1 person) - 360 TL

Anti-Cellulite Massage

A pressure massage intended to remove the problems in the areas with cellulite.

30 minutes (1 person) -325 TL

Detox Lymphatic Drainage

This is a fairly sensitive and gentle massage which is performed by massaging the skin towards the lymphatic flow and lymph node areas.

50 minutes (1 person) - 385 TL

Chocolate Massage

A body massage applied through the use of a special chocolate oil containing ginseng and vitamin E.

50 minutes (1 person) - 650 TL

Foot Reflexology

It includes applying pressure on the certain reflex points under the feet.

45 minutes (1 person) - 350 TL

Aroma Soul Element Massage

Each journey begins with the selection of an oil blend: Oriental,Mediterranean, Indian or Arabian.This massage experience full of with relaxation, balance and serenity will bring you relief.

50 minutes (1 person) - 440 TL

Thai Massage

A unique combination of the compression and yoga stretching practices applied on the meridian points. It is a dry, pressure massage.

50 minutes (1 person) - 440 TL, 75 minutes (1 person) - 650 TL

Shiatsu Therapy

A dry, pressure massage applied on the meridian points of the body. Thus, it increases the flow of chi energy in the body and strengthens all the organs.

50 minutes (1 person) - 450 TL

Shiroabhyanga Massage

One of the ancient therapies of the philosophy of Ayurveda. The therapy includes a light body massage and intensive head massage.

75 minutes (1 person) - 650 TL

Shiradora Therapy

The ancient therapy of Ayurveda philosophy applied on the head only. The warm sesame oil (shira) flowing from a copper pot down onto the “Third Eye” (dora) both cures and gives deep relaxation.

30 minutes (1 person) - 440 TL

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