Cleopatra Bath

It revitalizes the dry and low-moisturized skin.

20 minutes (1 person) - 1.600 TL

Mineralized Revitalizing Bath

A unique salt bath consisting of strong minerals and rarely found elements of nature.

20 minutes (1 person) - 1.600 TL

Dry Floatation

With Nuvola Floating Bed, the hot water envelops the body uniformly, supporting it in a dry embrace. Freed from its own weight, the body can rest to the full: every muscle and the entire spine are at a complete and utter ease. Equal to 6 hours of sleep, the 50-minute Nuvola experience is applied together with one of the three varieties of hydromassage you choose from.

Nuvola - Mud Body Treatment

Rich in minerals, this mud treatment relieves muscle tension and purifies and softens the skin.

50 minutes (1 person) - 3.100 TL

Nuvola - Milk and Honey Treatment

A luxurious body wrap treatment moisturizing your skin by effectively softening it for a long time.

50 minutes (1 person) - 2.600 TL

Nuvola - Algae Body Treatment

An effective body wrap treatment that firms the skin and helps the body to detoxify and get rid of water retention.

50 minutes (1 person) - 3.000 TL

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