Nuance Club

“Nuance” is a philosophy that transcends a physical space, promotes spirit and body harmony with the magical touches of water, and spreads throughout life. Even if you experience Nua just once, you will have incorporated this “good lifestyle” philosophy into your life.

The Nuance Club offers exclusive privileges to its permanent guests, who have become an essential part of this philosophy. You can be a part of the privileged world of Nuance Gold by staying 20 nights and Nuance Diamond by staying 30 nights.

Nuance Gold Privileges Nuance Diamond Privileges
Discounts on accommodation 15% 20%
Discounts on massages and treatments 15% 20%
Discounts on Food & Beverage 15% 20%
Free double occupancy 1 night 1 night
Free massage No Yes
Accommodation upgrade opportunity No Yes
Early check-in and late check-out opportunity Yes Yes
Welcome treats Yes Yes
Room availability guarantee No Yes
Waiting list priority No Yes
Richmond Hotels discount 15% 20%

*The gift is not valid for New Year’s Eve and other holidays.

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