Body Wellness

Foam Massage

You can complement the pleasure of Spa with traditional foam massage in the Turkish bath.

30 minutes (1 person) - 275 TL

Sultan Hammam Pleasure

The skin breathes more easily when it is purified from the dead cells after being rubbed with bath gloves. And the foam massage relaxes both your soul and body. Then, your skin is nourished and moisturized with a moisturizing body lotion.

45 minutes (1 person) - 350 TL

Traditional Turkish Bath

It is method of care including traditional practices, body scrub and foam massage. Freed from the dead cells, your skin can breathe more freely. The foam massage is relaxing for both your body and soul.

30 minutes (1 person) - 300 TL

Ayurvedic Brown Sugar Treatment

It is a renewal care with peeling effect created by a natural mixture of honey, aromatic oils and brown sugar.

20 minutes (1 person) - 275 TL

Frigi Soothing Local Body Treatment

Specific to the weary legs, this care is applied to the whole leg from tiptoes to the hips. It removes tiredness, reduces swellings and eliminates the feeling of heaviness.

50 minutes (1 person) - 495 TL

Nua Signature Body Treatment

This mineral-rich care has a beautifying effect on the skin. The accelerating effect of the RNA and DNA activities keeps the skin clean, soft and smooth.

75 minutes (1 person) - 580 TL

Body Shaping Treatment

This treatment has an impact on the superficial and deep fat cells causing cellulite. It reduces the appearance of cellulite through active oxygen body wrap.

50 minutes (1 person) - 515 TL

Sacred Nature Body

Thanks to biocertified Ecocert™ formulas, rich of Buriti Oil and Butterfly Bush Extract, it has an intensive cosmetic antioxidant and protective action of the external skin barrier. It includes Buriti Balm, Jojoba Oil and Butterfly Bush extracts. It has antioxidant features and it protects cell DNA.

50 minutes (1 person) - 580 TL

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