Massages & Treatment

How about going on a personal journey with massages and treatments that will keep your senses
balanced and your mind happy by catching bodily and spiritual harmony? Put yourself in the
hands of our expert therapists in Sapanca, Richmond Nua, just a short drive from Istanbul.

Enjoy being refreshed in the unique atmosphere of Sapanca Lake by choosing the most suitable
one for you from our Spa Menu, consisting of 5 sections, prepared considering different needs:
Nua Special, Massages, Facial Treatments, Body Health, Bath Therapies.

What You Need to Know

Reservation Rules and Policies

Due to the high demand for our services at Nua Wellness-Spa, we recommend that you make reservations for all treatments in advance. Please arrive at the spa reception least 5 minutes before your scheduled therapy session. Please note that if you arrive late for your appointment, your therapy time will be shortened accordingly. Your therapy session must be finished on due time so as not to delay the starting time of the following session. Thank you in advance for your understanding. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, we kindly request you to inform Nua Spa reception at least 3 hours before your massage or treatment appointment, and at least 48 hours before the package program reservations. If you fail to inform the spa reception about your cancellation 3 hours earlier, your account will be charged with the 100% of the total cost.

What Should I Wear During My Massage and Treatment?

In order to get maximum benefit from the treatment by establishing physical and spiritual balance, we recommend that you do not wear any clothes during body massages. Preferably, you may choose to wear a bikini, shorts, or the disposable slips provided by Nua during your massage.

Can I Purchase the Products Used During the Massages and Treatments?

The natural oils and beauty products used during your massage or treatment can be purchased from the Nua Shop, located in Nua Spa, allowing you to continue your Nua Spa enjoyment at home.

About the Therapists

Both male and female therapists are available. You can find the name of your therapist on your reservation form. If you wish to request a specific therapist, please inform the Nua Spa reception at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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