You can drop one size in four days with the “Healthy Body Shaping Method” Hypoxi, which studies at Hamburg University have proven to be more effective in eliminating body fat than classic exercise.

  • Hypoxi allows you to quickly burn that tough to get rid of body fat. It is a fitness and vacuum therapy that uses 3 different devices and special attire. The devices should only be used under the supervision of knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Healthy individuals may use the devices for sport.
  • Hypoxi is recognized as a totally natural method compared to surgical weight loss methods; it is implemented with a customized diet program, exercise and calorie-counting.

Hypoxi Guest Comments

I am delighted with the results I got from the Hypoxi program. Both our exercise instructor and the hotel personnel did everything they could to make us comfortable. I want to thank all of them.

Semra Mutlu

The 4-day marathon ended with measurements that surprised me. I would recommend the program to everyone.

Özge Taşdelen Kutlualp - Purchasing Manager

I lost 2 kilograms in 4 days and thinned down an amazing 19 cm. It was worth coming up from Adana. Thank you for the relaxing and cheerful program.

Meltem Aydın - Partner

It would have taken a miracle for my body to get this toned, this skinny and this smooth and to lose weight on top of it all. Hypoxi actually achieved exactly that.

Saba Tümer Journalist and Host

*Due to the high demand for our servicesat Nua Wellness-Spa, we recommend that you make reservations for all treatments and massages in advance.

Contact Guest Relations for 4-Night Hypoxi Marathon, One-Day Hypoxi and 12-session Hypoxi program alternatives.

Due to Wellness and Spa concept, we accept guests above 14 years old.

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