27 January 2023

Six Valentine's Day Ideas You Can Enjoy Together

Valentine's Day is coming! Whether you have been together for three months or thirty years, coming up with a great Valentine's Day idea can be extremely stressful. Fortunately, we have good news for you. There are countless ways to make Valentine's Day special for your partner, spouse, or even for someone you are just getting to know.

You can take a dance class to learn to salsa or take an art class to learn how to paint a still life, or you can get crafty and make a vision board for the two of you. If the way to your loved one's heart is through their stomach, take an online cooking class together or treat them to a great breakfast in bed. There are lots of things you can do for Valentine's Day if you are on a lower budget such as take a scenic walk, have a game night, or give a fun home massage!

We have put together some other great Valentine's Day ideas for you below. Now all you have to do is put on something special and make a playlist of songs to set the mood! Whatever you choose as a gift don't forget to personalize it with a thoughtful love note.

1.Go back to where you first met

On this special day, how about going back to where it all began? Where was your first date with your partner? If possible, go back to the same location, if that is not possible right now, recreate the experience as much as you can. Maybe you can reconstruct the same environment in a different location? Doing so will remind you of how far you've come together since that first date when you were both full of butterflies and nervous sentences.

2.Participate in a charitable activity together

There are many different charitable opportunities you can participate in together. For example, you can shop for children in need of warm clothing. You can donate books to schools and provide supplies to other organizations that serve the public, or you can visit animal shelters to donate food. Imagine how warm it will feel to see each other doing good things for your community.

3.Organize a deep chat night

You might say, “We are already having deep conversations”, but this will be very different from normal conversations. There are dozens of question-card sites online that aim to help couples connect more deeply with each other. The questions on these sites can introduce topics you’ve never before discussed. Here is one example for you:

What could be more wonderful than a long, romantic night in which you learn more about your favourite person?

4.Go ice skating

There are usually ice rinks in many large cities regardless of season. If this sounds sweet and romantic to you, why not give it a try together? If you live in İstanbul some of the places where you can skate are:

  1. Atlantis Ice Rink located in World Atlantis Shopping Mall, Pendik
  2. İBB Silivrikapı Ice Rink and Sports Facility, Fatih
  3. UNIQ İstanbul Winter Tales, Ayazağa
  4. Buzluk Ice Rink located in Optimum Shopping Centre, Ataşehir
  5. Flash Ice Rink located in Metroport Shopping Centre, Bahçelievler

If you do not live in İstanbul, you can start exploring the ice rinks in your city right away. As you skate side by side on the ice, don't forget to warm each other's cold hands from time to time.

5.Organize a treasure hunt full of love

You may have heard of treasure hunting before. Surprise your significant other throughout the day, by buying a lot of small gifts that will put a smile on their face. Hide them in different places in your home along with short love notes. You can even put something in their drawer at work if you have the opportunity. Hide small gifts everywhere and watch your special someone find happiness with each discovery. We are sure that you will both enjoy it very much.

6.Get a couple’s massage

Psychologist and relationship expert Paulette Sherman recommends that if you have time, plan a romantic day on Valentine's Day to relax and focus on each other.

Offering a magical atmosphere on the shores of Sapanca Lake, you can have an unforgettable day by visiting Richmond Nua. You can enjoy the award-winning Spa during the day by experiencing a relaxing couple’s massage-from one of the dozens of available choices-and then end the day with a romantic meal overlooking Sapanca Lake.

If you are on a tighter budget you can prepare a romantic ambiance with candles and give your own massage choosing aromatic oils according to your partner’s preferences. Don't forget to add shopping together to your list to enjoy Spa and massage at home.

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