Are You Suffering Emotionally At This Time? Would You Like To Feel Calmer, Stronger, Happier?
Did You Know You Can Benefit From Paul Emery’s Therapy Online?

Paul Emery, creator of QEPR (Quantum Emotional and Physical Release) and winner of the “World’s Best Spiritual Therapist”, says he’s noticed since the start of the pandemic a 60% increase in people wanting online treatments. Especially in areas of stress, anxiety, worry and grief. And even some seeking relief from hospital and needle phobias!

Clients report just how easy, convenient and above all how effective Paul’s treatments are via Zoom or Skype. And all they had to do was to follow along with his simple instructions and they quickly started to feel better, much calmer and in control of their emotions. Language wasn’t a barrier too they say, as Paul uses simple English, and is even assisted by Google translate if necessary!

“This guy is awesome!” CNN Turk
‘’Paul is great - it helped me!” Kate Moss. Fashion Icon and Supermodel.

So, if you’d like to live a fuller life, to function better, to be more calm, relaxed and confident in your daily life - then why not book a FREE 30 minute online chat with Paul, and discuss how he will help you with a specific area of your life.

Or if you’d like to go ahead and, just book a couple of life-changing sessions with Paul, then all you have to do is contact the Richmond Nua Wellness Spa +90 264 582 21 00 I [email protected]

Having provided therapy for many thousands of people, including well-known names from Hollywood celebrities to members of Royalty and pop stars, Paul is very experienced in quickly helping people. And now he wants to offer you the opportunity to rid yourself of a specific negative factor affecting your life too!
Paul, of course, doesn’t know how many sessions are needed for your specific problem, but relief is usually achieved within only 2 sessions! In-fact, Paul is so confident that he says he would offer a 3rd session for free if needed!

One Session Investment In You Mental Health Only 145 Euro + VAT
Save 20 Euros With A Two Session Investment In Your Mental Health & Wellbeing Only 270 Eur + VAT

“It was definitely a motivational session that truly made me feel good!” Harper’s Bazaar

What is QEPR?

QEPR is an award winning therapeutic method, developed over decades to eliminate the body’s reactions and negative feelings associated with particular thoughts.

Paul’s therapy is an advanced form of psychology. And its quick and effective results are achieved either by applied tapping on certain specific and powerful body-mind acupressure points, or by way of ground-breaking neuroscience.

Paul’s methods and techniques are also very effective for self-empowerment too, as once learned they can be self-applied any time in life to relieve any future stress, anxiety or worry etc.

Who is Paul Emery?

Born in England, Paul Emery became a therapist in 1992 after suffering all his life with severe social anxiety. Complete relief was achieved after he was trained by some of the world’s most prominent doctors, neuroscientists and psychologists.

Paul is a co-author of two bestselling books (with Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy) and has been featured in two other books.

He’s been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Alem and Hurriyet. And appeared on live TV such as the Ender Sarac Show, TNT, Fox and Sky News. Also on radio stations such as the BBC and Qatar.

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