Spa Membership & Daily Spa Entrance

Benefit from the Spa Center membership advantages Nua offers to its guests.

Spa Membership (Monday–Sunday)

1 Month

3,500 TL

3 Month

4,500 TL

6 Month

7,750 TL

12 Month

14,000 TL

These prices are for one person and include VAT.

Membership Privileges
  • Wet areas and outdoor swimming pools are free of charge for all memberships.
  • Tennis courts are free of charge for all memberships. (Appointment System)
  • During their membership, three- and six-month members will receive 15-percent discount and 12-month members will receive 20-percent discount on separate accommodation and extra expenses. (Not valid for Nua Shop and services provided outside the hotel.)
  • For 12-month memberships, one night double room, breakfast and accommodation will be provided free on weekends.

At Richmond Nua, you can enjoy a unique and pleasurable Spa experience for a day without booking an overnight stay.

Daily Spa Entrance Fee (Per Person)

Hafta içi

275 TL

Hafta Sonu

400 TL

*Prices include access to the Spa Center wet areas, fitness center and the outdoor pool (during the summer season).

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