Wet Areas

With temperatures ranging from 40° to 100°, the wet areas at Nua have different functions, offering special purification and rejuvenation sessions for those who want to make their Spa experience unforgettable.

Salt Jacuzzi

Designed for pleasure and relaxation, this area helps you unwind by loosening your muscles with a water temperature of 35°C combined with the healing effect of salt water on your skin.

Jet Pool 117

The dynamic pool contains 117 water jets with various therapeutic actions and provides a unique experience with custom lighting. The water jets activate the reflex points in your body and the massage relaxes your body. The water temperature is 33°-35°C.


This is a dry sweat room where ambient heat is provided by heating the walls, benches and floor.  It invigorates your body as it provides a comfortable environment for sweating with a pungent orange scent; it balances circulation and strengthens the immune system. The temperature in this healthy room is around 40°C and the humidity is 15-20%.

Herbal Steam Bath 

This is a dry sweat room with heated ceramic niches.  The sauna pit in the middle fills the room with the freshness of spring by interacting with dried aromatic herbs.

Room temperature is 55°-60°C and humidity is 50%.

Ottoman Steam Bath

Traditional high humidity steam bath. It is ideal for guests who do not like dry heat. The steam in the room loosens your muscles and softens your skin. It can relieve clogged sinuses and bronchial deficiencies by heating your body evenly. Room temperature is 40°C and humidity is 90-100%.

Salt Inhalation Steam Bath

This is a steam room with granite benches. A mixture of salt and menthol is injected into the room every 5-7 minutes to give it a seaside atmosphere. The steam regulates circulation while the mixture of salt and menthol serves to cleanse your upper respiratory tract. Room temperature is 40°C and humidity is 90-100%.

Loft Sauna

100-year-old Finnish Kelo logs were used to create a two-story design, giving this special sauna a rustic feel. You can sit or lie down on the wooden benches and find the temperature that is right for you thanks to the storied structure. The temperature in the room is 60°C at the bottom floor and 100°C at the top.

Ice Grotto

The special lighting and glass brick design transform this refreshing arctic room into a unique cooling environment that features an ice fountain. This refreshing space regulates blood circulation and strengthens your immune system.


This is a relaxation room inspired by Roman bath culture that features heated ergonomic stone beds, which strengthen the immune system and enhance the body’s resistance to the common cold. The temperature of the beds is 37°C.

Water Beds

This is a special relaxation room with heated water beds. These ergonomic beds fit the shape of your body to give you an experience that relaxes your muscles by minimizing gravity and invigorating your senses. The temperature on the surface of the bed is around 32°C.

Day Dream

In this special relaxation area, you can lie down on the ergonomic beds and enjoy the calming view of the jacuzzis or embark on a journey to a totally different world as you watch the dance of the stars with relaxing music playing in the background.

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