The detox program cleanses the body physically and emotionally, strengthening the power of intuition and awareness.

As a wellness expert, Richmond Nua always turns the Detox programs into a customized and unique program lasting 3, 5, 7 10 or 14 days. You can start a new life based on what fits your schedule.

Special Services Included In Detox Programs

  • Green Liquid and Raw Food Detox Programs
  • Detox Gifts (Natural Body Brush, Tongue Cleaner, Detox Book)
  • Detox Foods, Detox Salads, Detox Drinks and Detox Soup according to the selected program
  • Unlimited Herbal and Fruit Teas
  • Unlimited Alkaline Water
  • 2 different Jacuzzis
  • 3 different Resting Rooms
  • Steam Baths with different functions
  • Aqua Cave and Ice Grotto
  • Two-tiered Sauna
  • Turkish Bath
  • Accommodation in a superior room featuring all the comforts of home and lake views
  • Nature Walk accompanied by a fitness trainer
  • Fitness Center
  • Tennis Courts

    With additional cost;
  • Airport, Hotel, Airport Transfers
  • 20% Discount on Additional Massages and Treatments

*Our detox programs start with a minimum of 3 nights. You can extend them as long as you like or participate in the programs without accommodation.

Please contact Guest Relations for more information.

+90 264 582 21 00

[email protected]

*Due to Wellness and Spa concept, we accept guests above 14 years old.

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